Heating Repair & Replacement in Lakeland, FL


Heater Repair

Contact us today and ask about how our reliable heating repair and heating installation solutions can help you reduce your monthly energy costs and keep you comfortable indoors no matter what the temperature outside may be. Some of the common heating problems that we can help you solve include:

  • Unclogging blocked or dirty filters
  • Solving mechanical problems such as broken belts and bearings
  • Fixing issues with ignition or pilot controls
  • Repairing a faulty thermostat
Choosing to work with dedicated experts means that you can count on receiving the highest level of service available, so why wait? Call American Air Repair today and invest in professional heating solutions for your home.

Heat Pump Repair

One of our services which are growing in popularity is our heat pump installation and repair solutions. Many of our residents in Tampa Bay are interested in lowering their monthly energy costs while reducing their eco-footprint, and heat pumps are a great way to accomplish these goals.

By moving air from one area to another, as opposed to heating or cooling stagnant indoor air, these systems use less energy to heat or cool the same areas, which results in a cheaper experience.

Why Choose Our Heating Services?

Experience the comfort that comes with knowing that qualified heating experts are on your side. When you choose American Air Repair you can enjoy these added perks of our service, which include:

  • A positive, professional work environment
  • Flexible payment options on all services
  • The latest tools and techniques
  • Maintenance programs
  • A dedication to customer satisfaction

Heater Replacement

The easiest way to know that your heater needs to be replaced is when it stops turning on and providing you with warm, comfortable air, but keeping an eye out for warning signs is essential in order to act quickly and replace your system with as little downtime as possible. Some signs that a new heater is in your future include:

  • Your heater needs ongoing repairs. The need for continued repairs may eventually start costing more than simply replacing your old unit.
  • Your energy costs are going up. If your energy costs are going up even though your usage is staying the same, then there’s a problem with your unit.
  • Your rooms are heated unevenly. If you can feel a shift in the temperature as you walk from room to room, you need servicing.
  • Your heater makes rattling noises. Strange noises coming from your heater often indicate that it needs to be replaced.

Contacting American Air Repair for all your heater replacement and installation needs means that you’re enlisting the help of qualified professionals who can quickly remove your old unit and replace it with a newer, more efficient system. Call 813-802-2183 today for heater replacement and installation assistance in the Tampa Bay Area.

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