Thermostat Basics

Your home probably has a thermostat. This is the device that adjusts your home’s temperature to a comfortable level. A thermostat’s job is to maintain your desired temperature for as long as you want.

Let’s briefly discuss how your thermostat works and the common problems that can occur.

How Your Thermostat Works

Your thermostat is designed to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. The thermostat adjusts to the desired temperature. It uses heat and air conditioners to achieve that temperature.

The majority of thermostats use a sensor or a mercury strip to determine the room’s temperature. The thermostat then acts like a light switch, turning on either the heater/air conditioner.

Modern thermostats have “smart” technology. They can learn the temperature and heating patterns of your home and how long it takes to reach that temperature. This allows you to automate your comfort and energy efficiency. Smart thermostats can be a great choice for homeowners who want to improve their heating and cooling systems and reduce their monthly energy bills.

Common Problems with Your Thermostat

There are many reasons your thermostat could go haywire. Most common problems include:

  1. Thermostat display issues If your thermostat does not show anything on its display, it may be due to a dead battery, or a tripped fuse. Once you are certain that power is flowing, remove the thermostat cover to check for dirt, loose wiring, or loose screws.
  1. Temperature does not change to setting. If the thermostat is not allowing you to set your desired temperature, check for dirt or a stuck heat anticipator. This is what turns on the heater. A thermostat that is directly exposed to sunlight will often have a reading that is not correct if neither of these are the problem.
  1. Always running It could be that the thermostat anticipator isn’t working correctly or that there is a buildup dirt somewhere.

How to Maintain Your Thermostat

Clean your thermostat regularly and make sure that power is flowing to it. Many problems can be caused by dirt buildup.

Second, ensure that your thermostat is in a central place and out of direct sunlight. These conditions can cause a system to be inaccurate and reduce efficiency.

A professional HVAC technician will be able to help you if your thermostat is still having trouble. American Air Repair provides both maintenance and repair services for the Greater Lakeland area. Call us today at (813) 802-2183 to make an appointment!