Why isn’t my home staying cool enough?

Central air conditioning systems are designed to provide comfort for an entire house. It could be a sign of trouble if your central air conditioner system isn’t cooling all rooms equally or leaving certain rooms hotter than others.

At American Air Repair, we believe you deserve a comfortable home. Call us to schedule a consultation in the Lakeland, FL area. We’ll show you how to fix your cooling problems! In the meantime, here are some common issues we see with central air below:

New air conditioner?

This is the first question we need to ask you. If the answer is “yes”, then we can most likely tell you what is wrong. Your air conditioner isn’t powerful enough to cool your home. Technicians measure the cooling power required to cool the house when they install a new system. This is called sizing. An AC that’s too big or too small can cause problems. Amateur installers may have installed your AC incorrectly or skipped sizing it, leaving you with an AC that cannot cool the house. You can only fix the problem by having your AC replaced. We will ensure that your air conditioner is the right size.

The air conditioner has reached end of life

Let’s move to the opposite end of the AC age spectrum. An AC that is in the middle of its estimated service life (10-15 years for most systems) is an AC conditioner in its upper age range. An AC that can’t meet comfort requirements is a sign it is in its final decline. The AC will lose its cooling power and become hotter in more distant rooms. Our experts will inspect your air conditioner and determine if it is time to replace it.

The AC filter has been left in too long

Here’s an easy solution to a problem that you can fix yourself: Install a new filter to replace the old one that has been sitting there all summer. HVAC professionals recommend that the AC’s air filter be changed every one to three months. If the filter is left unattended, it can clog the airflow and cause less cooling.

Outdoor condenser is blocked

It is important to leave enough space between the outdoor condenser cabinet and indoors for it to vent heat. This will result in a decrease in cooling capacity. In fall, it is a good idea to remove all branches and leaves from the condenser.

These are the most common issues, but your cooling issues could be caused by other problems with your AC. At American Air Repair, we will find the problem and make sure you get the cooling you need.