Most people who own their own homes don’t even realize that their air conditioners and central air systems are giving out. But there are things that you can look for. If you do, you may better know when to call an AC repair specialist for your HVAC unit, which will ultimately extend the life of your AC and keep your home and family comfortable and safe in the long run, so you don’t have to spend a fortune buying a new system.

Your AC Isn’t Working at All

When you have the air conditioner turned on, and it’s not working – obviously you should call a repairman. However, what you need to know is possibly why it’s not kicking on. Never touch anything electrical yourself (as this may void the warranty on your unit even) but get ahold of your HVAC specialist. They’ll be able to determine the problem and find out where the issue is and fix it for much less than it costs to buy a new unit – unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If Your AC Isn’t Cooling

Every so often, you may notice that your AC isn’t blowing ice cold air out when you have it blowing at its coldest. This is a sure sign that you should call someone to take a look at things. Make sure of course that you have your AC set to the cold position and not the fan though – many people make this mistake frequently. If you have it set on cold, auto, and have the temp turned down, you should feel cold air.

If Your AC Keeps Turning On and Off

Sometimes this can be a thermostat issue, but it’s hard to tell. It can even be that you have low amounts of refrigerant, or even just a filter that’s clogged. Either way, it often means that your AC is warming up quickly, and that it thinks that it’s cooling to a certain temperature (while the rest of your house is warm). Calling an HVAC repair specialist can help with this to ensure that everything is where it needs to be in your home and on your unit.

Your AC Keeps Freezing

It’s understandable that during some hotter months (and some colder ones where the AC isn’t necessary) that people have issues with their units freezing up. However, if it keeps happening on a regular basis, you need to be worried. That means that something’s wrong with your unit and it’s cooling internally too much and may not be cooling your home well enough.


This is only a handful of reasons why you’d want to call a repair specialist for your home, but if you have any of these problems, make sure to get in touch with a licensed and insured HVAC repair company to get things done right. Give American Air Repair a call today at 813-802-2183!