The Best Ways To Save Money on Your AC Costs This Summer

It’s all too familiar to feel the shock of the first summer energy bill, especially with inflation rising. Summer doesn’t have be a time when you sacrifice comfort for your wallet. You can save money while still keeping cool with a few simple adjustments to your AC habits.

Nightly temperature adjustment

A slightly warmer temperature is enough to keep you cool, even more so if you don’t use blankets or other covers while you sleep. Your air conditioner will work less if you turn your thermostat up a little at night, especially since humidity tends decrease at night. This is where a programmable thermostat comes in handy. It allows you to set the time when your air conditioner should kick in or shut off.

Fans are a great idea

Fans are often used to cool the AC, but they’re usually forgotten when it stops working. However, it doesn’t always have to be a binary choice. Your AC will benefit from the use of fans to circulate cool air. This will allow for minimal energy consumption. Fans don’t cool the air. However, moving air on the skin will make it feel cooler as it aids in evaporation.

Upgrade to a unit that is more efficient in energy use

Although you might be put off by the initial cost of replacing an AC unit, you will soon see the return on your investment. In terms of energy efficiency, AC units have made significant improvements in recent years. It might be worthwhile to upgrade to a newer model if yours is inefficient or old. This will allow you to save more energy.

Keep your AC unit clean

Air conditioning systems that are not maintained properly can lead to a decrease in energy efficiency. To allow airflow and ensure maximum efficiency, it is important to change your filters frequently and keep the condenser coils clean. You may want to schedule a professional inspection if your unit has not been inspected recently. High energy bills can often be caused by untreated maintenance issues.

Close the blinds or curtains

Your house will be much more comfortable if you close your blinds or curtains. This is especially important for windows that receive direct sunlight. Combining the sun with glass windows can quickly increase the temperature and work against your AC. Blinds and curtains can help to keep the space cool, as well as provide insulation that will prevent cold air from escaping the windows.

Insulate your home

Poor insulation and cracks can cause significant cool air loss in older homes as well as newer ones. Air loss can lead to a significant increase in your energy bills, regardless of whether it is through cracks around doors and windows or through poorly insulated attics. You may consider having your insulation inspected or an energy audit if you haven’t had it replaced in a while. A home energy audit is a process that checks for any leaks in your home and determines the best method to seal them.

Thermostat increase

You will spend less on air conditioning if you are able to tolerate heat at higher temperatures. You can be just as comfortable setting your thermostat one to two degrees higher than it is currently. A one-degree difference in temperature can have a significant impact on your energy bills. Air conditioners should be running at a comfortable temperature of 78 degrees in order to operate efficiently. Keep in mind, each degree set above 72 can save you up to 3% on your cooling costs.

On hot and humid days, keep the AC on

Your AC will work twice as hard to cool your home in the evening if it is turned off while you are away. Your AC should be on during hot and humid days. If you leave your windows closed, it will help keep the humidity out. This will allow you to return to a comfortable house in the evening.

Ventilation in the basement

The basement is often the coolest area in the house because hot air rises and cold air sinks. The basement vents can be closed to allow cool air to rise from the air conditioner system and cool the basement. To avoid the hotter floors, you can spend more time in the basement and on the ground floor.

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