Are AC Tune Ups Necessary?

The short answer is yes! AC tune ups are absolutely necessary. Many people believe they can skip the annual AC service, as their AC works and looks great. This is not true! Not in Lakeland, Florida, or the surrounding areas, where the hot climate requires 110% from your AC all day, every single day. You could not only risk needing emergency AC repairs, but it could also invalidate your warranty. Find out more about AC tune ups!

What Are the Benefits of an AC Tune Up?

  • Cost savings
  • Improved comfort at home
  • Extended system lifespan
  • Avoid preventable damage
  • Optimized cooling

What does an AC Tune Up Include?

A reputable HVAC company will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your air conditioner’s exterior and interior AC units. American Air Repair conducts a thorough visual inspection, detailed cleaning and any testing necessary. AAR can even repair your air conditioner if necessary! These are the things you can expect from an AC tune-up:

  • Check your air filter
  • Balance and motion of blower wheels
  • Set screws and tighten the blower mounts
  • Make sure that the insulation and wire connections are secure
  • Motor amperage and blower should be checked
  • If possible, visually inspect the inside of the air handler
  • Check the operational output temperature of the split indoor coil.
  • Visually inspect the drain and coil to make sure they aren’t damaged or blocked.
  • If possible, visually inspect the interior coil condenser.
  • Confirm that all electrical wiring, connectors and insulation are intact
  • Make sure the condenser fan motor amperage is within specifications
  • Check for leaks around lineset and connections
  • Verify that refrigerant levels meet specifications

Your air conditioner will be as good as new by the end of your service. It won’t break down during the heat of summer.

How Frequent Should I Tune Up My AC?

An AC technician who is qualified in heating and cooling should be called to service it at least once per year. An AC tune-up will address any wear and tear that has occurred since the last service. Small problems can be fixed now to keep your AC running smoothly in the summer, reduce cooling costs and prevent future damage. Your AC tune-up should ideally be done in spring, before the AC kicks into high gear.

How long does an AC tune-up take?

If the AC doesn’t need additional repairs, a thorough AC service should take around an hour. Each repair will take additional time.

American Air Repair can help you schedule your AC service in Lakeland, Florida or the surrounding areas. Call us today at (813) 802-2183!