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Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

When Is It Time for a New AC Unit?

Eventually, like all pieces of heavily-used mechanical equipment, your air conditioner will begin to break down and slowly stop working. When this happens, the first thing most of our customers notice is an increase in their monthly energy costs. This happens because as your unit begins to work less efficiently, it puts an additional strain on your system and causes it to use more energy to produce the same results.

When you notice your bills increasing, or if your AC unit is experiencing issues such as inconsistent power and turning on and off at random, problems with the thermostat, or issues with leaking freon and frozen evaporator coils, make sure to give us a call. Our technicians can help you decide when a replacement is necessary, and will walk you through every step of the AC replacement and installation process.

AC Installation Services You Can Trust

At American Air Repair, our technicians are committed to helping you find the right AC replacement system to upgrade your existing setup and ensure that you can reliably enjoy cool, comfortable air for years to come.

Our technicians are trained to assess your needs and help you choose the right make and model to deliver cost-effective solutions. Whether you’re a homeowner who needs to keep their family members comfortable and happy, or a commercial business owner who relies on their AC unit to keep their employees content and productive, we can help.

Trust Our Experts

We’re committed to excellent service: Our technicians will always go above and beyond to provide the best solutions.

Flexible payment options: HVAC issues can come up when we least expect them to, which is why we offer flexible payment options.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a new, perfectly-functioning AC unit and call 813-802-2183 for AC replacement and installation in the Tampa Bay Area today.